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Week 4 – Session, Progression and Snowy Long Runs

The last week of the longest month ever! A solid week of training for week 4, and for a farewell to January. Really enjoyed the session and progressive run set this week, but struggled a little bit with my long run on Sunday, mainly because of a knock on effect from a poor choice of… Continue reading Week 4 – Session, Progression and Snowy Long Runs

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Week 3 – Unplanned Brick Session and Training Diaries

Week three (they seem to be going by quite quickly now) and it was another good week, varied with some lessons learned. Week three training vlog is up, where you can see exactly how I felt about Matt luring me into what turned out to be a tough brick session... be warned, it wasn't pretty,… Continue reading Week 3 – Unplanned Brick Session and Training Diaries

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Week 2 – All The Gear, No Idea?

Week two, and still the focus is consistency and building volume. I've realised how much technology plays a part in training. The running watch, Zwift, Turbo trainers, Stryd running pods, Heart rate all adds up! Whilst they are incredibly useful for training, for feedback, to help your coach, they can also be a massive… Continue reading Week 2 – All The Gear, No Idea?

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The Boston Project. It’s on.

So I have put it out there. For all to see. My scary goal for 2021. I have other little adventures and mini goals to go along the way, but ultimately... a BQ is THE goal. It's all geared for achieving a Boston qualifying time in around 10 months time, depending on which marathon I… Continue reading The Boston Project. It’s on.

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What next?

What do you do when you reach a goal? Or when something you have been working towards has been accomplished, or in the current climate, cancelled? At the beginning of the year, I, like many of you, thought I had my goals for this year mapped out. This goal, that race, these PBs. Bish bash… Continue reading What next?

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Postpartum Running Journey

It's been a while since I started my postpartum journey return to running. In fact it's been a while since I've written anything at all. Things went crazy busy during the latter stages of my pregnancy, life happened, blogging didn't seem to be a priority as such. Fast forward to Christmas and baby Harri Rees… Continue reading Postpartum Running Journey

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It’s Crazy, Baby

I know, I know. It's been a while since I last blogged. And many a thing has changed. Following another lay off due to injury in April and May, I had decided to not go ahead with my planned Ultramarathons this year. After much discussion with friends, people who I trust, I decided to focus… Continue reading It’s Crazy, Baby

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Manchester Marathon

Manchester marathon was memorable for so many reasons. I headed into marathon weekend full of doubts and questions following a less than perfect taper, of little running due to a niggle I have been babying for a few weeks. The weekend started on Friday with the ASICS UK Frontrunner meeting which was coinciding with the… Continue reading Manchester Marathon

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Invisible Weight

Week 12 and the penultimate 'hard week' before taper, and didn't it kick my ass. I had put a lot of pressure on this week. The big 20 mile race was looming, and I was going to smash it. I was going to pace it wonderfully and would be filled with all the confidence heading… Continue reading Invisible Weight