Mummy (referee) to a my tribe of three, and an angel up above. Type 1 Diabetic diagnosed at 14 and mostly an obsessive runner/medal collector, with dreams that refuse to go away!

My running journey began in March 2016. Since then I have run countless half marathons, and two World Major marathons (London and Berlin 2017)

This blog was created to document what was suppose to be my next challenge, a journal and venting platform as I began the challenge of turning from an average plodder to a London Good for Age qualifier in a year! My challenge was suppose to finish last October, at Chicago marathon.

However like all good stories, there were plot twists and all the wrong kind of drama along the way. 2018 ended up being a year of injuries, where I missed both my spring marathon and Chicago due to a stress fracture. A failed challenge.

However not all was lost as I discovered the world of Ultra running, and quickly became a convert of all things long, and all things off road!

So 2019 is here, challenges are still here. I am still aiming for GFA, however it’s not as important as it once was. Living life, adventures and new experiences….. Now that is where it is at!