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Week 4 – Session, Progression and Snowy Long Runs

The last week of the longest month ever! A solid week of training for week 4, and for a farewell to January.

Really enjoyed the session and progressive run set this week, but struggled a little bit with my long run on Sunday, mainly because of a knock on effect from a poor choice of binge food the night before. In this weeks vlog you can hear a bit more about why I am wanting and needing to approach nutrition now.

MONDAY – BIKE – 1 Hour Easy (Zone 2 Heart Rate) RUN (1 Hour easy) Just a good evening plod on the treadmill, which I almost didn’t do thanks to a little cat nap beforehand leaving me feeling a but unbothered! But, as usual once I got going, it was more than fine and actually quite enjoyable!

TUESDAY – RUN (SESSION) – Session using Stryd Pod. 10 minutes warm up, 5 x 8 minutes at 200W, 10 minutes Cool Down. Almost gave up after the 3rd rep. There was no obvious reason for it, but I had to give myself a little talking to, to wrap up the rest of the reps. When it comes to aborting sessions or not, I find it really helpful to go through a mental checklist before deciding. Firstly, if you are in pain, or something doesn’t feel right, or you feel unwell, then always, always….stop! But if everything is ok, and mentally you are finding it tough, then always…CRACK ON! Even if the session isn’t going to plan, you aren’t hitting the paces, whatever it is, stick it out. It doesn’t truly matter that you nail what you are supposed to do. What does matter is the training effect, the effort you put in and sometimes, winning the mental battle. Telling myself I would have loved to of been able to do this session a couple of months ago whilst injured soon got me into it. I also find that staying in the rep you are in works really well, don’t think about what is to come or what is left. Just stay in the moment and do your best for that one. STRENGTH – 50 MINUTES BIKE – 50 MINUTES – Another build me up training session called Sneaky. Big Day for Tuesday, Keeping the hard days hard, so the easy days are truly easy!

WEDNESDAY – RECOVERY RUN – Simple 45 minutes of recovery miles!

THURSDAY – BIKE – PURPLE UNICORN. 1 HOUR 45 MINUTES. I find the longer unicorn workouts on Zwift tough, but enjoyable. The different intervals based on RPM or Power, keeps things interesting and the time actually flies by!

FRIDAY – RUN – PROGRESSIVE 10K! Almost, ALMOST nailed it. The last KM snuck up on me, and I was done, Set the Garmin to KM auto lap and enjoyed working in KMs as opposed to Miles for this workout. Found it much easier to pace!

SATURDAY – STRENGTH 45 MINUTES. Moved from Friday, as ran out of time! BIKE – 1 Hour 15 minutes Easy (Zone 2 Heart Rate)

SUNDAY – LONG RUN (1 HOUR 45 MINUTES) A beautiful snowy run, but really felt the effects of poor food choices. Burgers and cookie overdose the evening before do not make good long run fuel!


RUN – 31. 82 MILES

BIKE – 76.09 MILES


TOTAL TRAINING TIME – 12 Hours 20 Minutes

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