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Week 3 – Unplanned Brick Session and Training Diaries

Week three (they seem to be going by quite quickly now) and it was another good week, varied with some lessons learned.

Week three training vlog is up, where you can see exactly how I felt about Matt luring me into what turned out to be a tough brick session… be warned, it wasn’t pretty, and our snow day.


I also talk about training diaries, and I just want to dip into why I think they are so important. I’m talking about a book where you physically write about your training (or if you prefer, typed). Whilst we have an array of apps and gadgets to keep track of our data from activities and training, it is unlikely that you would add any more insight into these logs. When using Strava for instance, I may add what the session was, I can probably see what the weather was doing and of course I can see elevation, pace, heart rate and all the other metrics. But what you don’t see when looking back on this data, is how you felt or any other of the million and one factors that may have affected your training that day, or how well you recovered from a session. I’m finding it invaluable this cycle so far, to jot down a few sentences each day, and already I can see patterns emerging based on what kind of run I have done, if I had a good nights sleep (more often not at the moment), what days make me feel more tired, therefore impact the following day etc. There are some things that I think are worth making a note of, here are a few examples

  • How do you feel?
  • How was your sleep?
  • Any positive/negative fuelling and nutrition notes?
  • What was the weather like? How did it affect you?
  • How do you feel again? Is there anything in your day or in general which is making you feel positive, negative, affecting your stress levels? (Homeschooling features a bit in mine!)
  • Are there any niggles or areas of concern to take note of? What have you done about it?
  • Reinforce your why. Look at your goals. Set yourself a smaller goal for the next day or the week. For instance, right now, I am trying to work out how to improve my recovery whilst juggling lots of different things.

It is your diary, so of course you write what you feel is relevant to you. But it will be helpful. If you are going through a training cycle for a goal, or just trying to be more consistent, there will be a day where looking back will give you some insight, and will help you with the current day. Looking back at your Strava, or your Garmin, you won’t always remember how you felt. It’s also, just a nice record to keep.

MONDAY – RUN (45 Minutes Easy) Just a little easy/recovery run following the previous days long run. STRENGTH – 50 Minutes.

TUESDAY – RUN (5 x 5 Minutes Tempo) 15 Minutes warm up, followed by 5 x 5 minutes of tempo (again, using the Stryd Pod to stay within a 201 – 216W range), 1 minute recoveries, 15 Minute cool down. A good session, that strangely felt good until rep 4 & 5. Funny how these reps sneak up on you! A good, solid session, that was quite hard to judge as the reps alternated between headwind/tailwind. BIKE – straight from the session into 53 Minutes of trying to keep up with Matt as he did his ‘Strong’ session. Easier said than done, when I already felt a little depleted from the session, and it was straight into his crazy speeds on hilly trails.

WEDNESDAY – ZWIFT. Ham Sandwich (1 Hour). Interesting name for a workout, but good fun.

THURSDAY – RUN (70 Minutes easy) Supposed to be an hour, but was enjoying it, so another ten minutes felt good. Lower heart rate for a slightly lower pace. BIKE. 50 minutes of zone 2 heart rate. STRENGTH – Missed! I was actually running late to record a Run With episode so it got put on the back burner. First missed strength session. I had the intentions of fitting it in later in the week, but I didn’t. I’m going to be honest, and say that because it is my weak area, it SHOULD have been prioritised over the bike workout.

FRIDAY – BIKE – ZWIFT SESSION. Novanta (1 Hour) Easier than the ham sandwich and just enough to keep things ticking over on a Friday. RUN – STEADY. 3 x 10 minutes of steady running (Using Stryd power Zones) I don’t know if it was because I biked first (waiting for ice to melt) or just cumulated fatigue, but this wasn’t a great run. Job done, run ticked off, but decided a rest day was in order!

SATURDAY – REST DAY. As important as any other session set!

SUNDAY – LONG RUN – 1 hour 45 minutes of easy running… on the Treadmill. That was a slog, but job done after spending the morning making the most of the unexpected Snow Day and playing outside. Totally worth having to resort to treadmill to run!


RUN – 31.32 MILES (Not rounding to a nice even number is killing me, but ignoring that and just sticking to the current training of time set over pace)

BIKE – 44 MILES (Slightly less this week as swapped a cycle for rest day!)

STRENGTH – 45 Minutes.

That’s it for another week, slightly more running miles, slightly less elsewhere. But that’s ok. The main thing is staying consistent, and some is always better than none.

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