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Week 2 – All The Gear, No Idea?

Week two, and still the focus is consistency and building volume. I’ve realised how much technology plays a part in training. The running watch, Zwift, Turbo trainers, Stryd running pods, Heart rate monitors…it all adds up! Whilst they are incredibly useful for training, for feedback, to help your coach, they can also be a massive pain the backside when they don’t work or function properly. Or for me this week, getting used to working with a Stryd running pod, and the bike breaking down. But it’s all good, another solid week just trying to tick off the workouts and it’s job done. Right now, building is the name of the game. No heroics here. You can see the weeks training vlog over on YouTube below.

MONDAY – RUN. 10 minutes warm up, 10 x 3 minutes @200W (using Stryd foot pod) with 1 minute jog recoveries, 10 minute cool down. I really enjoyed this session and it was something completely different to what I am usually used to with using the Stryd Pod. For those of you not familiar with the Stryd pod you can check it out here but in short it is a foot pod that estimates your running power. Different ranges of power can then be used to calculate different intensities personal to you, based of your power zones. The positive of doing my session in this way, was that firstly, I could only see power and duration of the interval, not worrying about hitting a pace, and secondly it takes into account uphill/downhill and wind so this can be reflected in the power you are putting out for a run or in this case, each interval. STRENGTH – 45 MINUTES.

TUESDAY – RUN (1 HOUR EASY – TREADMILL) It is what it is on the treadmill. Just plug in and go. I will always go outside when possible, but I had already used my outdoor token (the once a day outdoors exercise in this current lockdown here in the UK) to cycle and film Matt on his session prior to the treadmill. BIKE – Aborted Zwift Session after 6 miles! Complete and utter technical fails, with a punctured inner tube and derailleur problems which led ti the chain falling off. I know when to fight my battles and sorting the bike out on a cold night by very little light was not a battle I felt needed to happen!

WEDNESDAY – BIKE – Zwift session (Halvfem) Another aborted session, 12 miles in after a hypo. Some days the low blood sugars just creep in, that’s part of the type 1 diabetes life. After my usual carton of orange juice, and another and flapjack and the blood sugars not rising, I called it a day.

THURSDAY – RUN. HILL SPRINTS. Short and sweet this one. a 10 minute warm up, 3 x 10s hill sprints, 3 x high kness, 3 x bounding, cool down. These are short and sweet and just there to help build power and neuromuscular coordination. The reps involved each time will build up, but for now 3 was perfectly fine. STRENGTH – 40 minutes BIKE – 1 hour in Zone 2 ( Heart Rate)

FRIDAY – 1 HOUR EASY. More of those easy miles. This run felt really good. it felt truly easy and the pace was slightly quicker for a slightly lower heart rate in my easy zone. They don’t happen too often, those golden runs where you feel like you could go forever, but when they do, it’s magic!

SATURDAY – BIKE. ZWIFT (Orange Unicorn) 1 Hour 30) Another good workout where I felt strong throughout the intervals and generally fitter!

SUNDAY – LONG RUN ( 1 HOUR 25 MINUTES) Again this was on the trails with elevation and mud throw in for good measure. Although this week I took Harri along with me in the running buggy. It was really hard work with the buggy and trails but really enjoyable. One of those runs where you let go, take it for what it is, and just enjoy the time on feet!


RUN – 25.6 MILES



That wraps up another week. Nothing crazy, just keeping consistent, sticking with it.

“So many things are possible, just as long as you don’t know they are impossible.”

–Norton Juster

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