Ultramarathon Playlist

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain” Bob Marley.

Music often takes us away, distracts us, ignites passion and evoke memories. Sometimes even a pain in the backside, when you get an “ear worm” that gets stuck in your head all day.

With the ultra coming up this week, taper tantrum/wobbles are in full swing. Whilst running, I tend to listen to a variety of music (for long runs and easy runs usually it’s a good audiobook or podcast which I shall share on another post) My tastes can vary anywhere between Dolly Parton and S Club 7 to full on make your ears bleed Slipknot, and all that is in between. I have my favourites artists and bands, but I like variety. After all, isn’t that the spice of life. So I started thinking about the lonely stretches that may arise, the times during this Ultra where I may need a bit of distraction, some motivating music maybe? I’m not normally one for listening to music during races, I enjoy the atmosphere and ear wigging on random conversations people have. But a back up plan whilst stepping into the unknown this weekend is never a bad thing. So, naturally I turned to fellow runners on Instagram, and asked for their favourite running tracks. You did not disappoint!

You can find the list here


Some great tracks to add to any running playlist. I’m hoping that Bob is right, and this will help me along. What do you think? Do let me know if there are any that are missing and should be on there.

1 thought on “Ultramarathon Playlist”

  1. Absolutely music definitely helps your running it helps me take my mind off of stress work and other sorts of things sometimes when I don’t listen to music I’m still thinking about the worries of life but music and podcasts definitely will help you enjoy your run a little more thanks Kellogs I am a follower enjoy the training


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